On November 6th, CNN Business released an article by Nathaniel Meyersohn titled “Some Grocery Stores Are Limiting Toilet Paper and Disinfecting Wipe Purchases Again.” The piece reported that some of the country’s major grocery chains have begun placing a limit for the purchase of items like toilet paper, paper towels, and disinfecting wipes in an attempt to keep shoppers from stockpiling.

After the US entered the month of November with a new record of COVID-19 infections (121,054 cases nationwide in a single day according to Johns Hopkins University), grocery stores reinstated some of the purchase policies that had been set during the first months of the pandemic. Many of these stores started limiting the purchase of certain items to prevent people from hoarding essential products, usually allowing no more than two purchases of toilet paper, paper towels, disinfecting and antibacterial sprays, and other similar items.

Some of the brands featured in the article add the pressure suffered by national supply chains as an important factor in the decision. This would correspond to the data collected by market research firm IRI, which reflects an increased amount of purchases during the first week of November, with 19% of paper products and 16% of household cleaning products going out of stock.

Regardless of the differences separating different policies, all grocery chains expect a high demand for essential products by the end of the year. Close to 60% of shoppers claim that they plan to stock up again during the upcoming winter, so brands around the country are making preparations to keep their shelves full without stirring panic among customers.

Post time: Jan-20-2021