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Over 10 years, Juan Juan are oem partner for worldwhile brands of household wipes to clean, polish and disinfect at millions of home.

Our famous principals are talent and experted at housework so convenient solutions is provided for people keen to clean and care for their homes. Once weekly meticculous clean is replaced by quick and frequent cleasing when the household wipes are used daily. As market-leading product, Household wipes with a variety of fragrances and limited edition scents is new concept and benchmark.

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Juan Juan Household wipes product range includes

Multi-surface wipes to suit both antibacterial and non bacterial preferences.
Kitchen and bathroom including flushable toilet cleaning wipes
Floor wipes for effective cleaning of all hard surfaces.
Glass wipes for a crystal clear and streak free finish
Wood and laminate wipes to remove dirt, dust and grime whilst polishing and rejuvenating
Stainless steel wipes to deliver a smear free shine.

To make sure best quality of the household wipes

The following process should be necessary:

I.A.Celli brand non woven fabric machine is used to make the fabric so the surface is even and smooth. Spunbond, spunlace, airlaid non woven fabric will be common choice for the fabric. Dot Pattern,Embossed, Straight, Cross, Mesh, EF Texture will be selected as different type of non woven fabric used for wet wipes include baby wipe, cosmetic wipes, alcohol wipes, disinfecting wipes, household wipes,etc.


II.The process to make dry wipes should take time and carefully meassured frequently. And final dispensing for wipes reply on the various type of process to adjust the knives no matter quantity and quality of the knives. For fully automatically pouch wet wipes production.
a.Make sure the folded wipes should be even, adjust each line of fabric in straight way is important.
b.Mainly distance of wipe line to the plate of centerline and the connection of fabric between each rolls should not be clogged.
c.Soft packing of wipe should be evenly allocated two side.
d.The lid and sticker should be smoothly sticked to the pouch wipes.
e.The difference between chinese machine and Germany machine is the accuracy of the folded plate.


III.75% Alcohol/disinfecting formula with clean water treated by RO treatment system should be professionally made, and the qty should be sufficient enough to moistrate the wipes, otherwise, wipe will become yellow and germs will outcome from the wipes.


IV.BPA free packing will be important for the eco-friendly baby wipes, and to make sure the liquid is kept as long as possible in the pouch wipes a. alluminum film is used for the packing. b. the process of sealing on the wet wipes production is important. (for example: 3 sides seal or 4 side seals )


Iii. Make sure the quality and the wet wipes is important, but the productivity is also important
How many space we need to prepare to make one million piece of wet wipes ?
1000 m3 should be prepared to stock raw material (include master roll of fabric and carton box,formula/alcohol, etc) and 1200 m3 should be prepared to stock the finished wet wipes that is ready to load on the containers.

Following is the specification of each models

100 Cts a Canister
160 Cts a Canister
100 Cts a Canister
CASE Pack 12 12
SHEET SIZE 15x16 6"x6.4"
CASE Weight 4.38kgs 9.636lbs
CASE Dimensions 36x47x18cm 14.4"x18.8"x7.2"
UNIT Weight 0.368kgs 0.81lbs
UNIT Dimensions 11.4x11.4x15 4.56"x4.56"x6"
PALLET Pattern 5x12 5x12
PALLET Weight 2360kgs 5192lbs
160 Cts a Canister
CASE Pack 12 12
SHEET SIZE 15x16 6"x6.4"
CASE Weight 11.5kgs 25.3lbs
CASE Dimensions 40x50x22cm 16"x20"x8.8"
UNIT Weight 0.368kgs 0.81lbs
UNIT Dimensions 20x20x12.4 8"x8"x4.96"
PALLET Pattern 5x11 5x11
PALLET Weight 632.5kgs 1391.5lbs
10 Cts a pack
50 Cts a pack
80 Cts a pack
10 Cts a pack
CASE Pack 180 180
SHEET SIZE 15x20 6"x8"
CASE Weight 11.3kgs 24.86lbs
CASE Dimensions 52x28x17cm 20.8"x11.2"x6.8"
UNIT Weight 0.1kgs 0.22kgs
UNIT Dimensions 20x10x1.5cm 8"x4"x0.6"
50 Cts a pack
CASE Pack 40 40
SHEET SIZE 15x20 6"x8"
CASE Weight 13kgs 28.6lbs
CASE Dimensions 53x34x17cm 21.2"x13.6"x6.8"
UNIT Weight 0.3kgs 0.66lbs
UNIT Dimensions 20x10x3.5cm 8"x4"x1.4"
80 Cts a pack
CASE Pack 24 24
SHEET SIZE 15x20 6"x8"
CASE Weight 16kgs 35.2lbs
CASE Dimensions 43x34x25cm 17.2"x13.6"x10"
UNIT Weight 0.49kgs 1.078lbs
UNIT Dimensions 20x10x4.5cm 8"x4"1.8"
50 Cts a roll
50 Cts a roll
CASE Pack 96 96
SHEET SIZE 15x20 6"x8"
CASE Weight 11kgs 22lbs
CASE Dimensions 66x44x51cm 26.4"x17.6"x20.4"
UNIT Weight 0.1kgs 0.22lbs
UNIT Dimensions 20x10x5.5cm 8"x4"2.2"
Comparison of Wipes 1
Comparison of Wipes 2
Comparison of Wipes 3
Comparison of Wipes 4.1
Comparison of wipes 5.1
Comparison of Wipes 6

FAQ for disinfecting wipes :

FAQ for disinfecting wipes :

1.MOQ for the single use sanitizing wipes, pouch wet wipes, canister wet wipes, etc.
There is no MOQ request, but normally 40HQ will be best economic to save cost of transportation.

2.Can we purchase just dry wipe and canister without private label ?
Sure, purchase the dry wipe and canister and then fill the liquid on the destination will save cost of transportation and tax of importation, etc.

3.Whether canister can be Customized ?
Sure, customized canister is welcomed, but the cost of the moulding should be discussed

4.Whether the non woven fabric can be customized
Sure, but the qty of fabric of the order should reach 150T, or the cost of moulding should be paid.

5.What is the flushable fabric ?
Normally wood pulp fabric+Viscose and bamboo pulp+Viscose, we call flushable fabric

6.What is biodegrable fabric ?
Normally 100% Viscose, we call biodegrable fabric

7.What does man made cotton and organic cotton mean ?
Man made cotton we use Rayon or Viscose, but organic cotton is nature cotton from the plants.

8.Why same compostion of raw material of non woven fabric, but touch and feeling is different
Refer to testing report of fabric, absorptive capacity/tensile/elongation are totally different, and ES fiber should be controlled well, based on fact, high quality level of machine will define quality of the fabric.

9.Why dispensing of wipe some time is not smooth ?
a.Qualtiy of fabric is not good enough (refer to no.8) b. the allocation and quality of knives are not good enough in the wet wipes machine.

10.What is material of canister ?
Canister is made of HDPE by blow moulding, lid is made of PP by injection moulding.

11.How many packs/canisters can be loaded into 40HQ ?
The qty should be calculated based on different way of packing (for example, 12 canister/ctn or 24 canister/ctn)

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